Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to Physical Based Rendering (PBR) - A Deeper Dive

  • Physically Based Materials Introduction
  • How and Why to Migrate Assets
  • Using Masking in Materials
  • Using Transparency in Unreal Engine
  • How to Animate a Material
  • Using Masking in Materials
  • Using Decals in Environments
  • How to Control Materials Dynamically
  • How to Control the Materials UVs

Module 2 - Asset Creation, Sourcing & Ingest

  • Overview of Model Creation
  • DCC Software Overview
  • How to Source Pre-made Assets

Module 3 - Lighting in Unreal

  • Overview of the Different Lighting Actors
  • The Difference between Baked & Dynamic Lights

Module 4 - Real Time Using Sequencer

  • Introduction to Optimisation
  • Triggering a Sequence

Module 5 - Using Blueprints

  • Introduction to Blueprints
  • An Overview of How to Use Blueprints
  • Example of Using Tick in Blueprints
  • Using Blueprint to Create a Simple Brick Scattering Tool

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