Final Pixel Academy
Learn new approaches to production and storytelling within Virtual Production workflows using real-time technologies for Broadcast & Live Events.

In this 6-Week training course for Broadcast and Live Events Engineers, Producers, Tech Artists, VFX, and Content Creators, you will learn how to:

Understanding Unreal Engine: Introduction to Unreal Engine's interface, tools, and functionalities specific to broadcast.

Virtual Production Techniques: Implementing virtual sets, real-time rendering, and live compositing in Unreal Engine.

Integration with Broadcast Workflows: Connecting Unreal Engine with broadcast cameras, lighting, and other hardware.

Real-time Graphics and Animations: Designing and animating graphics for live broadcast scenarios.

Hands-on Projects: Working on practical assignments that simulate real-world broadcast scenarios.

Unreal Engine for Broadcast

Live, Instructor-Led Course

6-Week Online Delivery

September 15th - October 24th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
4 pm - 7 pm GMT

The course will consist of 2-weekly, live/online sessions.

A major project will run alongside your weekly training where you will get guidance and support from our world-class Unreal Engine Authorized trainers.

You will also meet special industry guests, who will share their current projects, challenges, and use cases.

FREE INFO SESSION: Monday, September 4th, 2023, 7pm - 9pm GMT
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PRECOURSE KICKOFF SESSION: Friday, September 15th, 2023, 4pm - 6pm GMT *for registered delegates only

WEEK 1: Introduction to Unreal Engine and Virtual Production
Tuesday & Thursday, September 19th & 21st 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Introduction to Unreal Engine 5 and its Interface
  • Unreal Engine assets: Importing and Exporting
  • Understanding Blueprints and Visual Scripting
  • Basic Material creation and Texture Mapping
  • Introduction to Virtual Production: Concepts and Benefits

Sample Exercise: Explore and source assets for the course project

Week 2: Creating Interactive Scenes and Environments
Tuesday & Thursday, September 26th & 28th 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Building interactive environments: landscape creation and editing
  • Advanced material creation and lighting techniques
  • Weather effects and Environmental dynamics
  • Animation basics in Unreal Engine

Sample Exercise: Create an interactive environment with dynamic elements

Week 3: Implementing Real-Time Rendering
Tuesday & Thursday, October 3rd & 5th 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Understanding Real-Time Rendering: Concept and Benefits
  • Using Ray Tracing for more realistic visuals
  • Performance considerations for Real-Time Rendering
  • Level Sequencer for cinematic control

Sample Exercise: Create a short sequence with Real-Time Rendering

Week 4: Virtual Production Techniques and Camera Setup
Tuesday & Thursday, October 10th & 12th 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Introduction to Virtual Cameras and their setups
  • Camera Tracking and Cinematic Visual Effects
  • Using Unreal Engine with Green Screen vs LED Technology
  • Virtual Sets and LED Walls: Design and Implementation

Sample Exercise: Create a Virtual Set and implement a basic camera tracking

Week 5: Unreal Engine for Broadcast
Tuesday & Thursday, October 17th & 19th 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Understanding Live Link and Data Streaming
  • Real-Time Graphics and On-Air Visuals for Broadcast
  • Integrating Unreal Engine into Broadcast Workflows
  • Unreal Engine for Live Events: Display outputs, Multiple Screens

Sample Exercise: Create a sample on-air graphic and data streaming setup

Week 6: Final Project and Review
Tuesday, October 24th 4pm-7pm GMT

  • Industry Guest
  • Project Presentations
  • Feedback & Review

All sessions will also be recorded. Students will receive a Final Pixel Academy Accredited Digital Certificate upon completion.

Final Pixel Academy


  • A basic understanding of Unreal 5.2
  • Installed Unreal Engine 5.2

Final Pixel Academy
Delivery & Support
  • Unreal Engine Authorised Trainer Expertise
  • Online/Remote Live Sessions
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Course Materials & Project Assets

Final Pixel Academy
  • 10-12 hours per week
  • Includes both live/remote training and independent study

Final Pixel Academy
Course Requirements

Able to run 

Unreal Engine 5.2

Final Pixel Academy
Course Level

Junior - Mid Level (no previous Unreal Engine Experience necessary)

Final Pixel Academy
Course Duration

6 weeks
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4pm - 7pm GMT
September 19th - October 26th, 2023

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