In this 1-week intensive course, you get an overview of some powerful Unreal Engine capabilities, which allow you to get a jumpstart in using Unreal Engine across various industries, job roles, and career opportunities.

To get started in Unreal Engine, in this course, you will learn dynamic new skills that enable you to implement real-time 3D graphics into your projects, upskill your way to a promotion or even launch yourself into an exciting new career.

This course is available at a steep discount and runs for 1-week only during these three-week intervals and provides you with fast and easy access into the world of Unreal Engine but with instructor support. Not only offering the opportunity to learn Unreal Engine foundations but also get live training from one of our Final Pixel Academy Unreal Engine Authorised Trainers (UAT).

Once you understand the fundamentals, you can take the next steps and learn how to work and develop skills for careers working in the VAD (virtual art department) creating virtual environments for Virtual Productions, or becoming a Technical Artist working onset in live events and broadcasts.

What You Get with the Course

  • Lifetime access to the course materials (and updates)
  • Live support from one of our Final Pixel Unreal Engine Authorised Trainers (if you choose the Trainer Option)
  • A digital certificate upon completion
  • Access to our exclusive Final Pixel Academy Discord community where you can network with other students, employers, vendors, and our Unreal Engine authorised trainers (UAT)

2 Course Options

Trainer Option: You will benefit by getting direct access to one of our Final Pixel Authorised Unreal Engine Trainers (UAT) for:

-3 dedicated, 1-hour remote/group sessions

during the week you choose, to help you work through the materials and answer your most pressing questions while you learn. See the weekly schedule below.

Course Only Option: this will give you access to the course material only and does not include access to a trainer.

Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to Physical Based Rendering (PBR) - A Deeper Dive

  • Physically Based Materials Introduction
  • How and Why to Migrate Assets
  • Using Masking in Materials
  • Using Transparency in Unreal Engine
  • How to Animate a Material
  • Using Masking in Materials
  • Using Decals in Environments
  • How to Control Materials Dynamically
  • How to Control the Materials UVs

Module 2 - Asset Creation, Sourcing & Ingest

  • Overview of Model Creation
  • DCC Software Overview
  • How to Source Pre-made Assets

Module 3 - Lighting in Unreal

  • Overview of the Different Lighting Actors
  • The Difference between Baked & Dynamic Lights

Module 4 - Real Time Using Sequencer

  • Introduction to Optimisation
  • Triggering a Sequence

Module 5 - Using Blueprints

  • Introduction to Blueprints
  • An Overview of How to Use Blueprints
  • Example of Using Tick in Blueprints
  • Using Blueprint to Create a Simple Brick Scattering Tool

Live Trainer Schedules

When you choose the Trainer Option, during the week you choose you will have

-3 dedicated, 1-hour remote/group sessions with one of our Unreal Engine Authorised Instructors (UAT)

Choose your Week/Course runs:

September 4th - 8th

September 11th - 14th

September 18th - 21st

Note: Once you purchase the Trainer Option, please email [email protected] to request the week that works best for you.

Times and web links will be sent directly for your 1-hour session.

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